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Fifty-one years professional experience in computer application consultation, project management, analysis, design, programming and sales. Industry experience includes manufacturing, trucking, advertising, mortuaries, construction and distribution (including import/export, wholesale, retail and mail order sales).

For 40 years, I have provided professional computer software and programming and consulting services to numerous and diverse small business clients as a full-time, self-employed consultant. Most of these clients use their medium-sized computer installations for traditional small-business accounting functions without specific computer-support employees. I have become the on-call computer department for these client companies. Since these are long-term client relationships, I have gained an inside perspective of client operations--including priorities and problems. This specific knowledge of their business operating environment--factored by an overall computer-industry knowledge--provide an effective filter for specific client computer usage review and overview.

I am based in Southern California.

Donald J. Kolafa
Data Processing Counselor
PO Box 450
Atwood, CA 92811-0450

(714) 875-6523

e-mail: Donald@Kolafa.com